What is Rang Mehraj?

Rang Mehraj was launched as part of Mehraj Art to promote the cultural diversity within the arts and the workshops, talks, events that Mehraj Art delivers.

Artist Sba Shaikh, creator of Mehraj Art is a London based international textile artist with over 20 years experience in the the Education, Arts and culture.

She has been part of  many noted exhibitions, including Nano Women (London Fashion & Textile Museum, 2011), where she was the Concept Creator as well as an exhibitor. Here female artists/entrepreneurs, specifically using technology, were given a platform to showcase their practice. In 2014 she was invited to be part of ‘The Sufi Rang Festival’ in Ajmer, India where her worked was well received.

Her last exciting commission in 2015 was to be part of the ‘Fabric of India’ exhibition at the V&A museum. Here not only was she invited to create a textile art installation for one called ‘My Genes were made in India’ but also  but also to delivered a taster block printing session for visitors for one of their Friday lates’ ‘Made in India’

The differing Personas of Mehraj are an ongoing artistic journey, exploring the many facets of Sba’s personality, interests and passions. This makes her not just an interesting person but also a visionary artist. She wants to showcase her three main alter egos – the Mughal Indian Princess, the 1980s and 90s Bollywood Actress-Socialite and the Hackney Rude Girl – through her art.

“To create my pieces I use rich-coloured fabrics with various print techniques, which then can be embellished using embroidery or gold leaf: the play of light is an important part in the majority of the work I create. The initial inspiration of my work comes from photography. My creativity and passion is fuelled by my Muslim Indo/British heritage, the art and history of the Mughal period, the Indian Royalty and their palaces, with the romanticism of the British Raj. I then add individuality to this with anything that tickles my fancy! I have extended my art into ‘Klassy Kitsch’ label; a range of designer scarves, including a collection of ethically sourced and produced scarves from Bhuj, Gujarat and Mumbai, in India.” 

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Sba is now a full-time artist, her 10 year-plus experience leading on Enterprise in Secondary Education. This enables her also to advise/facilitate in delivering creative, cultural and educational programmes to organisations. Her portfolio of experience has led her to work with establishments such as The William Morris Gallery and Alchemy festival Southbank Centre, to name a few.

In 2014 Sba was awarded a scholarship to participate in The Arts & Passion Driven Learning course at Harvard School of Education, Boston, U.S.A. Now she is presently also a visiting lecturer in textiles, to D.T, P.G.C.E students at Sir John Cass School of Education, Stratford University of East London.

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