“Using analog and hybrid photographic techniques. She worked commercially for a few years however fell in love with the darkroom and has been creating images in them ever since. ” See Natalie’s work and see her work at the 2017 Waltham Forest Mela.



Waltham Forest’s much loved Mela is a day where families and communities come together to celebrate religious, cultural and artistic entertainment – around 12,000 people attend each year. This year Mehraj Art was invited by Waltham Forest Council’s Event’s team to join discussions on  furthering the much loved Mela to be an exiting cultural legacy,... Continue Reading →

Block printing  The earliest origins of block printing were known to be found in China. Through the many silk/trade routes the technique journeyed to India, central Asia then on to Great Britain, were it popularised by William Morris in the 1800’s. In this workshop you will be able to, block print a recyclable bag using... Continue Reading →

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