Visual Artists get involved!

Artist call out.

We are inviting artist from different practices/backgrounds/cultures to showcase their passion as part of this exiting collaborative exhibition.

 Please note.

A selection may be carried out Mehraj Art and reserve the right to not show work, this is only for space and curating purposes – artists works not accepted will be contacted.

 Terms and Conditions

  1. Advisable size of piece to be no more than 1m x 1m – if your are planning to submit a larger piece please let us know as soon as you can. Or you can submit smaller pieces that can fit into an area of 1m x1m.
  2. Weight of art piece – please take in consideration that the Art boards can take limited amount of weight so the hanging art should take that into consideration.
  3. 3D works/ceramics – let us know in the form if you will be providing the stand. We can not promise that we can provide a stand but happy to discuss to see how we can assist. If your art piece is floor standing – please make sure it is stable or on a flat surface, as the exhibition will be held on grass. A risk assessment will be needed for your piece.
  4. All exhibitors will support the Mela and the exhibition in as best they can.
  5. Exhibitors will deliver and collect their own work on the agreed dates as specified.
  6. All works must be clearly labelled, with the artist name, signature and be ready to be displayed. If there are any special hanging requirements for displaying your work please state this in the form.
  7. For items to hang: Any unsafe methods of hanging will not be accepted and your piece will not be rejected.
  8. Details about your work/self needs to be filled in the submission forms, as this information will be used as part of your artworks write up and displayed next to your piece.
  9. All personal details and information provided by the exhibitors is confidential.
  10. Although we will take all reasonable measures to safeguard all exhibits Mehraj Art /WF cannot be held liable for damage or loss to any exhibit. Exhibitors are responsible for the insurance of their own work.

All entries need to be delivered to Chestnuts Field, Walthamstow London, E17 7HA Sunday 6th of August at 10 am and picked up by 6.00pm.

Fill in your submission at


One thought on “Visual Artists get involved!

  1. I am excited to be contributing to this years Mela. Exhibiting my beautiful ethnic art print titled ‘Duafe’ (Wooden Comb) the Adinkra symbol of good feminine qualities, patience, prudence, love and care.


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